Saturday, September 7, 2013

Custom Interactive Dota 2 Wallpaper for your computer

Someone over on Deviant Art has created an interactive wallpaper for all of you Dota 2 fans out there.  Here is what it includes: 
-Visual Style (for Windows 7 only): cursors, taskbar, start orb, window frames, start menu, fonts - basically everything the Window Manager is responsible for;
-Wallpaper: comes in matching style for TI2013 and the basic Dota 2 menu;
-Icons: based on the exact icon that Dota 2 uses;
-Rainmeter: Dota 2 stats (using, system info, RSS feed, a main window that functions as media player controller, program multi-launcher and / or a welcome screen with world time, local time, date, weather forecast.
-Readme files, fonts, all the applications needed to make the right adjustments easier.
Download Link


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