Saturday, September 7, 2013

League of Legends Art Compilation #2

It seems like Ahri kind of dominates the art scene over in the League of Legends creativity sector.  Lets start it off with something a bit different this time shall we?

Get your art below.

[1] Source
Zed League of Legends

[2] Source
Lulu - Leage of Legends

[3] Source
Ahri - League of Legends

[4] Source
League of Legends: Shyvana

[5] Source
Sona (with painting process)

[6] Source

[7] Source

[8] Source
LoL - Ninja Nurse

[9] Source
Scorn of the Moon

[10] Source

[11] Source
Resting after a battle

[12] Source
League of legends

[13] Source
League Of Legends - Missfortune

[14] Source
League of Legends - Vi

[15] Source
League of Legends:Lulu want to bandaid him

[16] Source
kayle league of legends

[17] Source
League of Legends - Ahri

[18] Source
League of Legends - Singed

[19] Source
League of Legends: Ahri

[20] Source
League of Legends Miss Fortune :)

[21] Source
league of Legends - Nami

[22] Source
Lulu League of Legends PNG

[23] Source
League of Legends:dragon trainer lulu gif

[24] Source
League of Legends - Lissandra FINAL

[25] Source
Tired Lux

[26] Source
Vi and Caitlyn, Champions of Piltover

[27] Source
League of Legends Lucian

[28] Source

[29] Source
League of Legends - Lissandra

[30] Source

[31] Source
Comission: LoL Human Hecarim

[32] Source
Arcade Hecarim

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