Saturday, September 7, 2013

League of Legends Art Compilation #3 - Swimsuit Summer 2013 Edition

The end of summer is approaching and for League champions that means taking a vacation from the battlefield and onto the beach!

We have 14 drawings total in this 2013 League of Legends summer edition, so stretch those eye muscles and check them out below the page break.

[1] Source

[2] Source League of Legends beach time

[3] Source Summer Lolz

[4] Source Kiddie Pool Time

[5] Source League of Legends - Fun in the Sun

[7] Source Life-Ward Sivir

[8] Source League of legends

[9] Source League of Legends - Summer Edition - It's Electric

[10] Source Bikini Nidalee

[12] Source Pool Party Leona

[13] Source Pool Party Lee SIn

[14] Source Lol - Summer Kayle

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